Game Plan Evaluation is Live!

Here is a sample of the 30 min game plan evaluation I did for a coach who is an Insider Member to PSSO. Registration is closed. Registration expires tonight at 11:59pm Central. If you wan't one of your own or want to watch other coach's videos, become an insider for exclusive access.

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There are still a few open spots – so I will extend the bonus offer to coaches who sign up before the membership open period closes. (This is easily worth $75 as a consulting fee that I'm including free!)

(if you already signed up – you already got it!)

Here's what I came up with…

Anyone who signs up for the Year Subscription before midnight on the day we close will get:

Bonus #1: One individualized game plan evaluation.

Here's how it works. Share your scout or game film of an opponent from last season with me and I’ll give you a 15-20 minute video breakdown on the PSSO formations and plays you might best use in your game plan against that opponent this year. Reports will be created in the order that they are shared with me. With your permission, I will also share the report exclusively with other insider members giving them extra bonus material.

Monthly subscribers…I’ll do it for you too if you are part of the next 5 to sign up before midnight.

And finally, so everybody gets something, if you don’t get one of those spots, I’ll give anyone else a 5 minute breakdown of your game film. It will be helpful, just not as detailed.

Bonus #2: Free Copy of Winning With Technology eBook

I wrote this ebook for all coaches who want to use technology to get an edge in their team and player development. You will get the latest strategies in utilizing technology for installation, film analysis, and player growth.

So sign up before midnight!


Module 1: Intro

First Steps to Building Your Offense

Offensive Basics Video Webinar

Passing Tree

Module 2: Core Run

24-25 Power

24-25 BOE

22-23 Iso (Read)

28-29 Toss

Module 3: Auxilliary Run

24-25 Counter

Fly Sweep

14/15 Fly Sweep Counter

Jet Sweep

Moduel 4: Bunch Package

Bunch Toss

Bunch Fly Sweep

Bunch 98 Pass

Module 5: Sprint Out

Quick 189




34/35 Sprint Draw

Module 6: Play Action







Iso Pop Pass

Waggle Pass


Module 7: Quick Passes

All Hitches

Trips Quick 189

Quick Y-Stop

Doubles Quick 22

Doubles Quick 19

Doubles Quick 33

Module 8: Dropback Passes

BOB Pass Pro

All Go


Trips Y-5

Module 9: Goal Line & Red Zone

Double Tight Wing – 24 Power

Power I – 24 Power

Power I 25 Naked

Module 10: Game Planning

Coming in March!

Module 11: Drills

Coming in April!

Module 12: No Huddle/Tempo

Coming in May!

Single Word/Signal


Quick Count



Bonus eClinic: How to Run the Bubble Screen

This was the first course produced by The Multiple Pro Style Spread Offense! The first thing I recommend is that you download the Bubble Screen Powerpoint presentation. While you are working through the videos, you can refer to it or even make additional notes as you see fit for your program. My goal was to put together this material as premium course content so that you and your program could immediately reap the benefits. I am excited to hear how it has changed or influenced your daily and seasonal outcomes! Please don't hesistate to comment or question within each page of the Modules so we can all learn from each other. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible to these and if necessary, update course content.  Enjoy!

Bubble Screen Files: Download Page

Module 1: Bubble Screen Setup/Basics

Module 2: Bubble Screen Installation and Video Analysis

Module 3: H-Bubble Screen Installation and Video Analysis

Module 4: Position Techniques for the Bubble Screen 

Module 5: Bubble Slant Installation and Video Analysis 

Module 6: Bubble Go Installation and Video Analysis  

Module 7: Playcalling and Game Preparation 

Module 8: Installation and Drills

Bonus Future Releases Coming Soon:

10 Keys to Dominating at the Line of Scrimmage – Coming in June!

Top Strategies to Becoming A Motivating Coach – Coming in July!

If you're not satisfied with your membership within 30 days, you can request a full refund. Memberships will renew automatically for your own convenience and can also be cancelled at any time.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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