Play of the week #4: The Quick Sprint Play

Taking a swing back around to the Texas spring game because there are some more gems of plays in there, I found this fine example of a Quick/Sprint concept.

Tom Herman is really playing games with the defense here because sprint outs and flood patterns are much easier to cover when they happen right away. But when you add a play action fake and freeze the defense with a quick look away, it makes it darn near impossible to stay true to pass game responsibilities.

That’s exactly what happened here.

Once the Quarterback breaks contain, which defenses have to allow based on the way they play the zone read by squeezing with the End and scraping with the Backer, the Mike linebacker is the closest to the Quarterback. By the time he applies pressure, it is too late, the ball is away for a +20 yd gain.

Check out this play here then grab your own copy of the playbook breakdown where I cover in much more detail exactly how this play works:

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