Play of the Week #7: Matt Canada’s Fly Shovel Triple Option

There’s so much great strategy and football wrapped up in Matt Canada’s offense that will now be on display at LSU that I decided to share another one of the plays I will be using in my next course featuring his offense.

The Jet Shovel is one of the hottest new run plays coaches are studying now. It’s a simple play really. After watching, make sure you grab the full playbook breakdown…I’ve added some valuable insights into how to make this play successful for your team.

In the breakdown I have drawn it up against both even and odd fronts. The real reason this play worked was because the Clemson Line Backer did not trust his corner to have pitch and got faked out trying to slow-play it. Either way, it’s a challenging play that put the QB one on one in open field which is the most difficult tackle to make without giving up some yards.

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