Pro Play of the Week #9: Mike Leach Air Raid Y-Cross Route

Mike Leach is the true God-Father of the Air Raid Offense and because of that, I’m making this weeks Pro Play of the Week about a great play from his Air Raid offensive system.

Here’s the play and the full playbook breakdown on exactly how to run it.

Why Leach’s Air Raid System Works

Scanning the college offenses that always get it done prolifically, just stop and take a closer look at the team Mike Leach is coaching. Right now, Washington State is getting it done.  Leach doesn’t care where he is, he’s turning the program around.

I’m not downplaying Washington State, I’m only trying to point out that Leach can get it done almost anywhere it seems.

What he’s doing isn’t too crazy either offensively. It’s just his usual personality, dry humor, sarcasm and flat out focus on getting it done with simple plays that work.

If you want to learn about how to maximize just a few plays so they can be run against anything possible, just listen to him speak at a clinic and hear the bits of wisdom he’s dropping constantly.

I recently enjoyed THIS CLINIC he gave on Unlocking the Secrets of the Air Raid Offense at the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Las Vegas.

In it he covers all the key drills, practice schedules, the Mesh Play along with a lot of great practice and game film where he discusses why things are working or not working.

There’s even a free video on his Weekly Practice Schedule right HERE.

Just Try It

Mike Leach just flat out has a style that works because he doesn’t beat around the bush and isn’t going to confuse you with any BS coaches talk.

It’s easy watching but you better take notes because it’s the genius why his stuff works. And the simple stuff usually works best anyway!

That’s why I recommend this video through my affiliate CoachTube. It’s one you can watch again and again, always picking up a little something new each time you watch it.

In one season I put in the Air Raid Offense for my team and loved what it could do. I still go back to those videos and principles and use them.

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