Play Of The Week #10: LSU Football Matt Canada’s Offensive Deception

Football is back! And once again, Matt Canada’s offensive deception has picked up right where it left off.

If you have been watching Canada’s style of offense you may have been wondering if he might slow things down or change things up now that he’s the new Offensive Coordinator at LSU.

The good news is that neither is the case.

His offense looks to be just as calculating as before with many of the same plays.

Which brings me to this week’s play. After shifting the entire line to the opposite side from an unbalanced look to a balanced front, he runs his Zone Jet favorite that gets the ball to his best runner on the Jet.

It’s a great strategy to keep the defense from keying on your best ball carrier when you shift last minute.

It’s no doubt the defense saw Guice in the backfield deep after the broke the huddle.

But when they switched the entire line opposite, they certainly would have had a hard time recognizing that he moved to the wing to become the primary ballcarrier on the jet sweep.

Watch it in this clip right here.

While this motion looks amazing, you don’t have to be a guru to start adding more offensive deception to your offense.

I’ll give you some simple strategies to making your offense much harder to scout and be less predictable when you download this play of the week.

What to do now:

Find your most predictable offensive play this week and add one of these suggestions to disguise it from the defense.



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