10 Sacrifices You Should Teach Your Players To Make

What do you say to the players who approach you and want to know what they can do to improve as a player?

I’ve always kind of struggled with this situation because in my mind I automatically start thinking about the players weaknesses and how I can take this opportunity to tell them what they need to get better at.

But I don’t think that’s the most productive way to handle this.

Now if they need to know why they aren’t playing or starting…then we can get into details and I have no issue sharing where they are at as a player.

If you need some good thoughts on what you can say, listen to this podcast because there are some great ideas in here that I think you should be sharing with your players frequently anyway.

So at that point if a player comes up and asks it’s more of a “Do what we’ve been telling you to do!” Are you giving 100% in those areas yet?

Listen in as I cover each of these points from an article by a mentor of mine Scotty Kessler. See more of his stuff here:

Online Resources from the life and ministry of Coach Scotty Kessler

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