Run-Pass Option the Boat in P.J. Fleck’s Offense

What made Western Michigan so much fun to watch again is more then their intriguing leader and motivator P.J. Fleck. Not only can coaches appreciate his focus on the team aspect of the game, but he is also on the cutting edge of the latest in run-pass option offensive innovation. Coach Fleck brought in some pretty good […]

Figuring Out the RPO: James Madison’s Run-Pass Option Is The New Offensive Football Concept of Choice

If you have been paying attention to the drama unfolding in this year’s college bowl games you will have noticed a new trend that is taking college football (and every other level) by storm. That trend is called the Run-Pass Option, or simply RPO’s. In fact, so powerful is this new RPO concept that defenses […]

Season 2: Episode #5 What Every Coach Ought To Know About the Off-Season

I know…it’s the off-season. Most of you just spend a big chunk of this weekend watching football and thinking. Photo by Keith Allison I bet you have some pretty big ideas right? Maybe a new offense in mind? Or just a new package of plays that will solve all the problems. Whatever it is, don’t […]