Figuring Out the RPO: James Madison’s Run-Pass Option Is The New Offensive Football Concept of Choice

If you have been paying attention to the drama unfolding in this year’s college bowl games you will have noticed a new trend that is taking college football (and every other level) by storm. That trend is called the Run-Pass Option, or simply RPO’s. In fact, so powerful is this new RPO concept that defenses […]

Season 2: Episode #5 What Every Coach Ought To Know About the Off-Season

I know…it’s the off-season. Most of you just spend a big chunk of this weekend watching football and thinking. Photo by Keith Allison I bet you have some pretty big ideas right? Maybe a new offense in mind? Or just a new package of plays that will solve all the problems. Whatever it is, don’t […]

Case Study: Offensive Lineman Techniques [Part 1 Stances]

Thank you coaches for completing this survey. At this point we have 65+ coaches who have fully completed the survey and given some great feedback. This gives us a great summary and a wide variety of how coaches are getting it done with teaching offensive line techniques. It also shows us what many coaches are […]

How To Keep Up Practice Intensity In The Last Few Weeks Of The Season

Question: We didn’t make the playoffs, but have one regular season game to go. How do we keep them motivated to work and get better when the finality of the season hits? Every season many coaches find that there may be a struggle toward the end of the season to keep your practice intensity up. […]

Season 2: Episode #4 How To Ask Players To Play Positions They Don’t Want To

Today we’re talking about the big question of how to get more players on your offensive line who could help but don’t want to be there… First, don’t forget to get your Free Spread Offense Playbook that I’ve been working on. Hopefully it will be helpful for you and will give you some confidence in […]