If they do “THIS” then you do “THAT”

What do you do when a defense shows something completely different then what you expected? This video answers the question a coach recently emailed me about what are some “IF/THEN” strategies for defeating defenses that he can use. IF you don’t have these strategies built into your offense, THEN you are really missing out on […]

What is the difference between a Sweep, Jet Sweep and Fly Sweep?

If you have ever tried to find the best way to run the ball away from defensive pressure, then I’ve got something I think you’re going to be really interested in. I’m going to tell you about three different ways that you can attack the perimeter of a defense by running the ball. You can […]

Why the Oklahoma Offense Works: Lincoln Riley’s Pro-Raid

The past two weeks have practically flown by it seems. When you spend every spare moment you have breaking down a the Oklahoma offense and then professionally drawing it up (74 time to be exact) the days start to blur together. I also held off on my full analysis of it until the end because […]

Matt Canada’s First Play

First plays of football games – after the specials – are often much bigger deals then you might think. I remember back in my grad assistant days in┬ápre-game meetings where we would go around and share what we thought the first play of the game should be! In those moments I used to think, come […]

GoArmy Edge 3D Play Builder

Check this out! Want to build your playbook in 3D? This is a totally free playbook builder that you have to try. Imagine having all your players watching your plays being executed in 3D virtual reality. Wouldn't they learn them and their responsibilities so much better? Absolutely. Watch this video where I show you just […]

Every Play Revealed: Carolina Offense vs. Denver Defense

I just purchased Alex Kirby's new eBook where he breaks down every play of the Carolina Offense vs. Denver Defense. As I went through it, I noticed that many of my Pro Style Spread Offense principals and variations of plays were being demonstrated within Carolina's offense. Even though Denver had a great defense, it was […]

“Episode #5 – Finding Great Formations and Building a Winning Game Plan”


I'm finally back behind the microphone with this latest podcast I just recorded and produced. Let's talk about formations and game plans. What formations should you be running and why? 

I think it fits that you first decide your plays, then personnel groupings and finally when you are game planning, pick your formations. They are basically the icing on the cake, they make it all look good and harder to defend. Without effective formations you can be defended much easier then if you really know what you are doing and get your offense into something that has a higher probability of succeeding. Enjoy and please share!

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