10 Sacrifices You Should Teach Your Players To Make

What do you say to the players who approach you and want to know what they can do to improve as a player? I’ve always kind of struggled with this situation because in my mind I automatically start thinking about the players weaknesses and how I can take this opportunity to tell them what they […]

Matt Canada’s First Play

First plays of football games – after the specials – are often much bigger deals then you might think. I remember back in my grad assistant days in┬ápre-game meetings where we would go around and share what we thought the first play of the game should be! In those moments I used to think, come […]

Season 2: Episode #5 What Every Coach Ought To Know About the Off-Season

I know…it’s the off-season. Most of you just spend a big chunk of this weekend watching football and thinking. Photo by Keith Allison I bet you have some pretty big ideas right? Maybe a new offense in mind? Or just a new package of plays that will solve all the problems. Whatever it is, don’t […]

How To Keep Up Practice Intensity In The Last Few Weeks Of The Season

Question: We didn’t make the playoffs, but have one regular season game to go. How do we keep them motivated to work and get better when the finality of the season hits? Every season many coaches find that there may be a struggle toward the end of the season to keep your practice intensity up. […]

Episode #8 Why Running 500 Plays A Practice Will Ruin Your Offense

After hearing about Cal's practices where they run 500 offensive plays in this article HERE by ESPN, I couldn't help but wonder why no one else commented on this extremely high number of plays? If I calculate it out that's an average of 4.5 plays per minute in just under 2 hours of practice straight […]