Why the Oklahoma Offense Works: Lincoln Riley’s Pro-Raid

The past two weeks have practically flown by it seems. When you spend every spare moment you have breaking down a the Oklahoma offense and then professionally drawing it up (74 time to be exact) the days start to blur together. I also held off on my full analysis of it until the end because […]

Springs Valley High School – Bubble Package

In the five steps to building a great offense, Step Three asks “Are you are keeping the defense honest?” In this article and the video below, you can see how Jeremy Reynolds from Springs Valley High School uses two simple plays that build off each other to do exactly this. The first formation is a […]

How this offense produced 15,128 yards total offense!

I want to welcome Coach Phil Longo to the podcast today from Sam Houston State University. The past two seasons the Bearkats have produced 15,128 yards total offense with their uptempo style of spread offense. Phil shares some of the keys to running this style of offense. Sam Houston led the nation in total offense […]

Using the Unbalance Power I formation from under center is a great changeup for your Red Zone Offense. Of course you can run power and it's a great play, but the play action off of this is even nicer! With the TE on the weakside most teams won't even recognize him as an eligible receiver. Have your QB think run it in first then throw it. TE needs to delay for 2 counts before taking the best possible release. He should climb to about 5 yd. depth but if he see's the QB tuck it in an run, he should go get a block.

GoArmy Edge 3D Play Builder

Check this out! Want to build your playbook in 3D? This is a totally free playbook builder that you have to try. Imagine having all your players watching your plays being executed in 3D virtual reality. Wouldn't they learn them and their responsibilities so much better? Absolutely. Watch this video where I show you just […]

Why the Bubble Screen is Critical to your [Spread] Offense

Any offense that adheres to spread offense principles (or has formations that split out two or more receivers to a side together) has to have a way to force defenses to cover those receivers. I believe that the easiest way to do this is to install the Bubble Screen and complimentary passing plays. Two of […]

Game Plan Evaluation is Live!

Here is a sample of the 30 min game plan evaluation I did for a coach who is an Insider Member to PSSO. Registration is closed. Registration expires tonight at 11:59pm Central. If you wan't one of your own or want to watch other coach's videos, become an insider for exclusive access. [powr-countdown-timer id=01f4432c_1455217643345] There […]