Season 2: Episode #5 What Every Coach Ought To Know About the Off-Season

I know…it’s the off-season. Most of you just spend a big chunk of this weekend watching football and thinking. Photo by Keith Allison I bet you have some pretty big ideas right? Maybe a new offense in mind? Or just a new package of plays that will solve all the problems. Whatever it is, don’t […]

Springs Valley High School – Bubble Package

In the five steps to building a great offense, Step Three asks “Are you are keeping the defense honest?” In this article and the video below, you can see how Jeremy Reynolds from Springs Valley High School uses two simple plays that build off each other to do exactly this. The first formation is a […]

Why the Bubble Screen is Critical to your [Spread] Offense

Any offense that adheres to spread offense principles (or has formations that split out two or more receivers to a side together) has to have a way to force defenses to cover those receivers. I believe that the easiest way to do this is to install the Bubble Screen and complimentary passing plays. Two of […]