How To Use Our Free Football Call Sheet, Practice Scripts and Arm Band Template

Practice Scripts: I don’t know about you, but I am a much better coach when I am organized. Take for example my weekly practice plan. If I have a set offensive play script that I am going through, I never forget to run a play that I have planned to run in the game that […]

6 Important Lessons From Today’s Top High School Football Coaching Gurus

Guru #1: Jeff Steinberg – Rancho Verde (California) High School Twitter: @CoachSteiny Coach Steinberg has won 2 CIF Championships and coached 6 D-1 Quarterbacks along the way. He gives some great insights into how to simplify a game plan and the process involved in doing so in a podcast interview recently with Keith Grabowski on […]

The Biggest Lie Defensive Coaches Are Telling You About Shifts And Motions

It’s time to get off the fence about adding more shifts and motions to your offense. While Defensive Coaches may say movement won’t affect them, it’s not exactly true. Not the kind of pre-snap movement I’m going to tell you about. Offense is about deception and confusion. When a defense doesn’t know what play is […]

If they do “THIS” then you do “THAT”

What do you do when a defense shows something completely different then what you expected? This video answers the question a coach recently emailed me about what are some “IF/THEN” strategies for defeating defenses that he can use. IF you don’t have these strategies built into your offense, THEN you are really missing out on […]