NEW eBook: 2018 Malzahn Auburn Offense Playbook Breakdowns

Like free stuff? Like learning football from ELITE coaches today? I do to. Football is always changing. I’ve learned so much from diving deep into Malzahn’s offense over the years and this past year was no exception. Learn from the breakdowns I’ve created in this new ebook that you can grab right here: =>Malzahn Auburn […]

Matt Canada’s First Play

First plays of football games – after the specials – are often much bigger deals then you might think. I remember back in my grad assistant days in pre-game meetings where we would go around and share what we thought the first play of the game should be! In those moments I used to think, come […]

Run-Pass Option the Boat in P.J. Fleck’s Offense

What made Western Michigan so much fun to watch again is more then their intriguing leader and motivator P.J. Fleck. Not only can coaches appreciate his focus on the team aspect of the game, but he is also on the cutting edge of the latest in run-pass option offensive innovation. Coach Fleck brought in some pretty good […]